Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meeting Jonathan Adler

Have I ever mentioned that whenever I am in a grumpy mood, I read the Jonathan Adler "My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living" and immediately I feel great again? (and then notice myself re-arranging my home...) but that's besides the point!

Last night was pretty unreal.
I got to meet one of my absolute favorite designers. Ever.
Jonathan Adler!!
There was a book signing/Q&A at the Barnes and Nobles in Santa Monica and of course, I was front in center with best friend, Christine in tow. We had an absolute ball. It exceeded my expectations and it is something I will never forget.

It's people like Jonathan Adler who have so much grace, poise, interest, and care that make the design world amazing. He is creative, has such a keen eye, and really is appreciate of where his career has taken him. Not only that though - he wanted to give out his secrets: how to do this... and how to do that... He genuinely is on a mission to make everything esthetically "happy chic!"and he will help all of us get there!!

OH - and when I introduced myself - he mentioned he totally reads The Glam Lamb "Oh! I know you!" Yes. Thats what he said, my heart started racing, and it made my night!!

I also have added some new lingo to my vocab... "Obs" (obviously) "Tots" (totally) and when in doubt -- refer to everything as "Bananas!"

Yes - I had him sign it all. My best friend has his large boob vase... I wish I grabbed it from her to have him sign it!!


  1. What a fun night! Cute picture with him :)

  2. That is soooooo COOL!!! Ou look cute together ;)

  3. How exciting. How did I not know he'd be in Santa Monica? I just bought his Happy Chic Accessorizing book from his store in New York.

    How Fun!

  4. Oh my gosh how cool is that?! He reads your blog?! (Not that I'm surprised!) I'd die if I heard those words come out of his mouth! He's a genius, definitely one of my favorite designers ever! I'm so jealous you got to meet him!

  5. have I mentioned that I ADORE THAT MAN? I don't have his book but every so often, I go to his website just to re-read his 10 commandments of decorating and his manifesto. LOVE. I want him to come and live in my pocket...Simon could come...I love him, too.

    so cool that you got to meet him....

  6. AMAZING! It sounds like a lovely night.

  7. Sooo amazing! This is a night to remember! I love that he was like "I know you!!" I would have died.
    Nancy xo


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