Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best Kept Secret.... and a little story!

I am not one to give all my sources... but for you Glam Readers.... I'll share this one...

So... today - I was on my way to Home Depot, and traffic was weird, so I started going alternate routes to get there.  When I noticed this random mid century-ish sofa sitting outside a store front.  So, I looked and noticed this could be a possible gem.  And of course - my intuition was dead on.  This shop had the most amazing vintage/mid century finds (and some random appliances - but forget that part)!  I grabbed a few pics for you, and a business card and went on my merry way!

So - if you are ever in the LA/Hollywood area - you gotta hit this spot up!

Hernandez Furniture & Appliance
6208 Santa Monica Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90038

There's a pair of these.  They are even more amazing in person.  
 Everything in this store is in amazing condition.  There is no junk, and the prices are good for how amazing the stuff is!!

These lamps.... all I can say.  They are like art.
this picture is weird. the furniture is all stacked so these are all on top of each other.  


  1. Traffic was INSANE in Hollywood. It took us forever to get to Hollywood and Highland - we finally parked four blocks away and walked - then it took us forever to get back to the freeway! Wonder what was up?

  2. Oh many of those chairs are really potential home eye-catchers. I think the one with the yellow legs on top of the pile is gorgeous.

  3. I LOVE THOSE LAMPS!!!!!! Geez! We will NEVER see anything that wonderful in a resale shop in Dallas! Don't get me wrong: we DO have some great places here...but no one here PARTS WITH lamps like that!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, how badly do I need to come down to LA to shop with?? And you find the BEST stuff! Aren't those the same lamps that Melissa Warner used in her master bedroom on May's House Beautiful cover??
    Nancy xox

  5. YES!!! the exact lamps!!!!!! good eye!!!

  6. yep. I remember those lamps from that spread. lordy, there's some good stuff there....

  7. soooo...what fabulous parties do we think are going to pop up these two days!!we need to keep our peepers open!!!

  8. wow.
    those tulip-y tole lamps are amazing! i would kill for some. were they expensive?

  9. not really.... i mean yes -- but for what they are... no. $500 for the pair.


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