Monday, November 22, 2010

Shop like a designer....

Tip: All you need in a room to make it pop - is one show stopper.  For instance in this room via In Style Home (2004) are those amazing silver ball lamps.  The entire room vanishes because your eye immediately goes to those lamps.  So keep that in mind when you are looking at something fabulous.

For instance - these lamps below (which I stupidly left at the Long Beach flea market a month back)!  Pretty unreal. 
image via The Glam Lamb


  1. I love them!!
    We actually have one just like the silver ones pictures above!
    <3 Cara
    Have you entered this Giveaway?!

  2. i have lamps like this..but theyre white ish..i should paint them metalic..i was thinking of doing them glossy hot pink to match the liberty of london shades i have on them..but it may be too much lol..but then again, i love pink so meh.

  3. I've made silly mistakes like that before. You can find lamps like that pretty much everywhere now. Be happy you have great flea's hard to come across great finds in D.C. w/o having to paying a good penny for it.

  4. Always love these lamps! I have a great pair of chrome cylinder lamps that I need to find some new shades for!


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