Sunday, November 7, 2010

Talk to the hand cuz.... creepy or cool?

Part of me thinks... 'Wow, These hands are really cool, lets string fun cocktail rings all over them.' And then the other part of me thinks.... 'Wow - those are really, freakin' creepy!!'  They are showing up every where, flea markets, antique malls, and now your Urban Outfitters is supplying.   Its the new trend.

Are we following?

From Warehouse 1133 in Long Beach, CA
Fishs Eddy $4.95

Urban Outfitters $12
These are vintage glove molds that were found at the Long Beach Flea market  a few weeks back.  


  1. Simply put: Love the foyer hate the hands.

  2. I have a black ceramic hand I bought 15 yrs ago. I keep jewelry on it that I want to have "handy". Love it!


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