Friday, November 5, 2010


Well Guys....

It was time to do a little updating!  What do you think!?  Welcome to the new Glam Lamb site.  This is only the beginning for all of the changes that are in the works!!  

So, let me re-introduce myself to you.  My name is Hallie - and I am a 20-something girl, living in a fabulous apartment in Los Angeles. I absolutely love designing my home, entertaining my friends,  and organizing.  I love flea markets and antique malls.   My personal style is relaxed-boho-glam meets scandinavian maximalism.  But what on earth does that mean?!  Well - stick with the Glam Lamb - and we'll figure it all out --- together!

My big inspirations come from Elle Decor,  Lonny, Kelly Wearstler, Tobi Fairley, Ina Garten, Eddie Ross, and the list goes on.... but I am budget conscious.  So, this site is all about mixing it up.  About taking your Madeleine Weinreb rug with your Schumacher pillows, and toning it down with a little bit of Ikea, World Market and flea market finds.  

This is no crafty site - you won't be seeing weird art projects to make home decor.  Its bringing the Elle Decor look and making it attainable. We are going to organize! Set the table! Clean! Entertain! Spruce it up, and so so so much more!  It's going to be a fun ride!

Lots of love,


  1. Yay! Love it. Nice to meet you...again ;)

  2. Very, very cool!!! I can't wait to see the other changes too...all so exciting!

  3. loving the look so far my dear!!

  4. It looks great Hallie! So excited for you! How about we do a little networking - I will include you on my blog role if you include me in yours??


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