Thursday, December 23, 2010

A funny story and a gorgeous interior of J. Lo's LA pad.

I am going to start this post with a little funny story.

Several years ago I was on Lake Como (Italy) with my family. My sister and I shared a hotel room, and our parent's room was just above ours. There was a gorgeous staircase that we would run up and down (I'd like to consider the Villa d' Este my second home btw!! LOL). Anyway.... one evening we were getting ready to go to Verona to see an opera when my sister decides to make an obnoxious comment about Jennifer Lopez. I nearly leaped across the room to murder her and to defend J.Lo's honor like I was the Gustapo out to protect her!! SCREAMING is an understatement. YES - two grown adults got in a screaming match over Jennifer Lopez. Aren't sisters great!? (side note - my sister is one of my best friends!!). My dad heard us from upstairs, threatened us both to be sent home if we didn't cool it. To this day we can not really discuss Jennifer Lopez - its still a sore subject.

SO --- eat your heart out! Here is her new LA pad and it's a stunner!!

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  1. i love this! youd think shed be more flashy than classy-sorry lol!

    Im pleasantly suprsised with how much I love it!


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