Friday, February 4, 2011

14 Days of Romance: Romantic Movies: Day 4

Romantic Dramas... Romantic Comedies... There's a a lot of good ones out there, and February is definitely the month to watch a few.  What are some of your favorite romantic movies?   

Here are some of my faves (in no particular order).
Bull Durham - how do you not love Susan Sarandon in this!?

My dad's favorite movie of all time!

No one puts Baby in the corner!

This is one of my ultimate favorite movies!!!

I am still pulling that these two get together in real life!!!  I know, none of my business....

Tear Jerker alert!

I am a huge J. Lo fan.  

The soundtrack is bad ass!

They are a great duo!  Love this movie!
Another tear jerker alert!


  1. GREAT choices...the oldies are always so sweet!

  2. Since the hubby is traveling all next week, I know some of these will be on my list to watch! Happy weekend, Hallie!

  3. I saw overboard when I was younger, and I absolutely loved it! It came to mind several days ago, and it's funny to see it here now. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something :3

  4. well I think I may watchthe notebook tonight with some vino!


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