Friday, February 4, 2011

Realistic Foyers

I love walking into my home with everything in its place and organized.
For me - A foyer needs to function. Here's the criteria:
1. It's gotta look good.
2. It needs to look good while being a place to keep the things you need to walk out of the house (umbrella, keys, leash... whatever you need...)
3. It needs to be able to stay organized. It shouldn't need to be re-organized. It totally should work for you.

Tell me about yours! I'm working on mine - but pics to be up soon!

Image via Dwellers without Decorators

Designed by Betsy Burnham

image via Decorpad

image via DecorPad

Designed by Thom Felicia

Virginia MacDonald

Designed by Windsor Smith


  1. Love these. I am working on a project with a tricky foyer (mudroomish) entrance. They are very inspirational and I totally agree that have to work and look good. Have a great weekend! M.

  2. I love the one from decor pad with the pink jacket and umbrella. It is perfect organization wise. I love the one by windsor smith as well! The pops of orange are great! I can't wait to see pics from your new foyer project :)

  3. Oh me oh my...all of these foyers are fantastic! Mine is not exactly the way I want it! I have been searching for a petite demilune table for ages on Craigslist, but to no avail. Maybe some day and I can take my old petite desk and put it in my english country inspired guest room. Have an awesome weekend!

  4. So realistic but soooo yummmy right?? I love the pink, black and white one from Samantha Pynn!
    Nancy xo

  5. Agree there's nothing more off putting than a messy foyer!! And it's so hard to live in a place that doesn't offer a place to hang your jackets or muddy boots.


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