Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ivy & Piper - February Issue - A fantastic read!

I don't love major posts about the new e-shelter mags, because I feel like there are so many other blogs already writing about them  and I completely agree with what they post - BUT - The February issue of Ivy & Piper blue me away.  I read it page by page, and clicked on so many links during the process of reading that I had to share a few favorite pictures with you.  

Check out the issue HERE  

This store is Green with Envy and is designed by the mastermind: David Hicks.  I am in love with that pink/grey/ivory marble cash wrap.  Un-freaking-real! 

This is such a fun dining room - but what really got my attention were those beautiful seat covers.  Absolutely genius if you ask me. 

This bedroom is absolutely stunning.  I love how chic and glam it is.  The tonal palette is so calming.  It's also designed by my friend Jamie Herzlinger - and her work is just gorgeous. 

I really love this kids room for the re-occurring use of the zig zag pattern.  It's a really smart look, but youthful and playful still.   


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