Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kitchen Decor

I like tidy and clean kitchens with not too many appliances on the counter tops. Lose the knife block - We know you have a fancy set, now stick it in a cabinet. The blender, mixer, chopper... It's great everything matches in stainless steel, but it truly makes the kitchen look like a factory.

When I am thinking of a design theme in a room - I always start with one focal and work from there. Kind of like a jumping off point. Canisters for a kitchen are a fantastic place to start. This can state the vibe of your room, or what color palette you will use. Will your room be fun and quirky and retro, classic and antique-y, formal and sophisticated?

Besides the possibility of predicting a style for your kitchen - they also are very functioning. You can use them for the basics - pasta, flour, coffee grinds, etc. Or, you can use them for measuring spoons and cups; dog food or treats. Or depending on their shape - take-out/delivery menus. Jonathan Adler at . These are tongue-in-cheek hysterical. Pull this off in a black and white themed kitchen and use 1 accent color to make it pop (of course - I would say turquoise, but purple or orange would be pretty cool. Just make sure to keep a mental note of which canister is holding your sugar, and which is holding your salt! ;) These are classic, simple, and complete no brainers!

Mottahedeh at . Could these be any more glamorous?!?!? I love love love. 3 of these canisters on a counter top would be insane together! Since I am on that gold kick with my dinner ware - I should own this.
Fiestaware at . Good Old Fiestaware. These would be great in a cheery kitchen. There are so many color options to choose from too. Go kwirky! Go vintage! Find some great green vintage kitchen towels, and you are good to go. A happy blue and green stripe rug wouldn't hurt either. These are beautiful. I am not sure if you are allowed to put food in these, but they are so pretty, and would give such a classy antique vibe. You could go shabby chic with this. . Hollywood Glam at its best! Make sure that you can use these to store food before purchasing!


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