Monday, May 4, 2009

Angie Hranowsky - Interior Designer

I have found a new Interior Designer and I am thrilled to have a new designer to follow. Her name is Angie Hranowsky and she has been nominated by Traditional Home's Magazine as on the the Top 20 Designers to watch.

Hranowsky has a very cool vibe. It's a mix (which I absolutely love). It feels very Hollywood Regency to me, but a little more user friendly. Her style is approachable and completely relate-able. She mixes Regency, Kitschy, Modern, Vintage/Antique into 1 room and makes it flow very harmoniously, but without any clutter. Hranowsky has figured a way to take whatever it is that you love and make them flow together in 1 room, without questioning it, like it belongs together.

Here are some pics of my personal favorites. For further info. check out her site:

(Above) I love this entry way type set up. The modern straight lined table, with the kooky lamps, and then the gilded, fancy/antique mirror. I also like the symmetry.
The picture above and below are the same room. I have a very similar coffee table with glass top in my living room. It's elegant and chic. The crown moldings are quite impressive, as is the fabric selection.

This dining room is so beautiful. I love the pink frosted lamps in the back.
I love the use of white and the use of multiple colors in this room. The white plays such an important roll. It acts as the backdrop for perfectly selected pieces (the throw, the rug, chandelier, lamps, head board and chandelier). Everything in this room feels special. I love that.

Impressive set up. Love the run as long as its faux!

Love this coffee table as well. I also like the color palette. It's extremely soothing with fantastic hits of magenta.


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