Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inspiration Sunday

This week's Inspiration Sunday has a lot of focus on the gypsy, tribal feel. I have been seeing a lot of it lately, from the Moroccan Poufs by John Derian, to serving pieces and glasses at Anthropologie. The majority of the rooms featured today have a lot of it - and show how to make it more modernized. I love it. It has character with some glam attitude.

Enjoy your week!! I love how this room is very geometric and balanced. I also love the use of Moroccan/gypsy detailing in a modern way. You rarely see the ethnic fabrics used this way and I think its done brilliantly.
This could be my favorite image for this week's Inspiration Sunday!! The wall color is my absolute favorite!!! I love the white furniture and white lamp shades against it with the pop of black framing in the background. This could be my newest bedroom inspiration. I adore, adore, adore!!!

Love the dramatic chandelier. I'm also really digging the avocado/pea green-yellow accent color. I've been seeing a lot of it at flea markets - love it! It could be making a big, big come-back.

Again, love the wall color! I also love the Moroccan vibe here as well. The tribal feel is fantastic.

This bed frame is pretty insane. There is a lot going on in this room - but the bed is outrageous!

Love the use of the ENORMOUS chandelier in center of the room. Also -the drapes play a big role here. Like it.

Again, love the paint color. This room is extremely calm and serene. It's feminine and soft.


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