Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Serving Pieces

It's that time. Weekend bar-b-ques and get-together's are what summer is all about. So, for the most part I have found some inexpensive serving pieces (minus the 2 images from Horchow.) that you can enjoy and not worry about ruining when schlepping them to and from picnics, the beach, a friends house, etc. etc.

I, personally like mix and matching - not everything having to be a complete set. But do try to have your pieces coincide together. You can really have any theme you want - it can be an actual theme like - Nautical or Hawaiian. Or, it could be by color family - all turquoise and greens, or all Yellow and Hot Pink. It could be all the same patterns - polka dots or plaids. You can get really creative here because its stuff that should scream Summer. Cheery!

On-line, the best spots are Pier 1, Ikea, World Market, Target.... the big boxers... But you can always find original vintage (cheap finds) on Ebay and Etsy.

Check out these awesome pieces - some of them just scream for Summer Soirees! Michael Aram serving pieces. Coral handles for these pieces screams Summer!

Set of 4 place mats by Simrin at - Burlap! - Summer chilled shot shooters. I don't think you can get more Summer time fun than this. Cheers! I'd do: 1/4 tequila and 3/4 margarita mix, or 1/4 vodka and 3/4 of your favorite juice. PS... These drinks require great music (this would be lots of the following: Sublime, Pepper, Bob Marley, a few Motown Hits, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake). - prep bowls

Kayla Glassware from - I love these!!! These are awesome! They come in packs of four. -- I have this - it's pretty user friendly - as I have had it for a few months and already have used it several times, for chip and dips, veggies and dip, and then I also used the whole bowl to make a large salad and put the center bowl on the side for the dressing. This set also comes in red. Pretty fantastic and can be used year round for storage. Blowfish bowl. He is just too cute - and right now I am completely digging the whole avocado, 70's flashback color.


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