Thursday, July 16, 2009

Authentic Ethnic Blankets, Throws, Fabrics...

A huge trend (that I hope always stays) is the addition of ethnic inspired and original pieces from different countries. The Moroccan pouf has been super popular (thank-you John Derian), as well as ikat fabrics. Here are a few others that definitely are and will be gaining popularity.

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Indigo Throws - Made by the Dogon people of Mali. These are all hand dyed for several days and up to weeks. 100% organic.
Argentine Wool Runners - Argentina. I would love to have a bright colored one like this in my kitchen.

Bolivian Aguayos - These textiles were originally used for women to carry their babies and personal goods. I think now, they would make great wall coverings or rugs. Made in Bolivia.

Suzani - From Uzbekistan.

Mexican bedspread - Made by the Otomi Indians from Hidalgo in Mexico. I would love to see this folded neatly at the foot of a bed.

Kantha Pillow - Designed by the women of the West Bengal region of India. These come in array of colors.

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  1. All designs very nice.The runners look very nice and sometimes break the monotony of a room.Colors can be added to the room through such decorative s and that is hoe the room becomes vibrant and lively.

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