Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dark Walls and Light Furniture

Painting walls can be such a great way to control the mood of your room. Especially depending on what color furniture ends up accenting it. Here are some rooms that have the walls all painted in dark hues, and accented with white furniture. I love the contrast. It really brightens the dark well, and is really forward. From Decorpad. Love this. How chic is this? I love how the moldings and columns play such a huge role. It's stunning.

I love this. It's extremely interesting how many mixed styles there are in 1 room. Traditional molding, wood flooring, the modern tulip-based chairs, the pouf, that mid-century over-sized chandelier. It flows. This is cool.

Classical lines with modern colors.

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  1. Yes yessss, this is JUST what I have been contemplating doing in our new house... we have a great room with two story vaulted ceilings... I yeaaarn to paint the walls dark but I'm afraid it will stifle the open, airiness of the room. What to do, what to do.


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