Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful Foyers

They say your foyer is a major importance in the home, as it is the welcoming of your guests. I have a small foyer in my apartment that I finally moved my elephant garden stool into with a small, gold colored sofa table. It looks great and pics to come soon. So, for a while I was constantly looking at entry ways.... Here are some of my favorites: Designed by Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange. This is one of my all-time favorites. I love the white hard wood floors, the owl, the chair, the sofa table... it all goes so well. What I love is that it looks like all of these pieces are favorites of the home owner and they all blend perfectly.

Designed by Varney. What a fun play on black and white.

Another Jonathan Adler. He sure does love the owl umbrella stands! Love this! Screaming Glam!

This entry way is stunning. It really is simple if you break down the room - the part that makes it truly original is the citrine painted wall. Imagine if the wall was painted white. There would be no zip to it. This is truly brilliant.


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