Thursday, August 6, 2009

Design Trends are Full Circle

I am going to give you a piece of advice. Never knock down interior design trends from the past -- because it will (guaranteed!) come back in style in a major way. Check out the room above. Guess when it was designed? This is a living room in Caracas from the 1960s. Can you believe how fresh and up to speed with current trend it is? It's like you can't even tell what decade its from. It's that good.
1. Those straight line sofas are gorgeous. Especially with the pops of turquoise and black & white mod pillows.
2. That mid-century modern table.
3. The ethnic inspired wood garden stools. Gorgeous!
4. The use of color of bright orange for the rug.


  1. :) yes - as if we are not really moving forward, but in fact that is only true for designs that are the best quality. Only people with good taste and knowledge of what is good design can create such everlasting interiors.


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