Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Green Rooms - as in the COLOR!

I love rooms that have a strong accented color theme. It's not super common to see rooms based around the color green. It's different and unexpected. Here are some rooms I have found that use several different shades of green and work so well. What do you think of the color? via www.realsimple.com Love that x-bench and the rug.
via www.houzz.com Such a beautiful room. Good usage of multiple shades.

Wow! This room is stunning. I love what a bold shade of Kelly Green is used here. And then with the white linens and the built ins, and white furniture - its gorgeous!

via Domino Magazine

via Domino Magazine. Love love love. How cool is this room? It's so hip. (yeah... yeah... I used the word,"hip")

via Domino Magazine. This room is outrageous and I love all of the white furniture against the green, pink, white and black painted walls. It wraps the room so well. The soft pillows and the tops of the ottomans are fantastic as well. This is a very well executed room.


  1. I have long loved the second room, and the last is definitely appealing to me. I've been debating doing my office in pink and green but can't seem to commit to anything yet. I suppose there is no rush!

    I love the use of green too, it's so fresh feeling, and definitely unexpected.

  2. I adore green-especially celadon which I use everywhere. Since I detest white and beige, it is my neutral.


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