Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trollsta at Ikea

The Trollsta tray spindle table at Ikea. I love this piece for a few reasons:
1. I love that Ikea has added an element of whimsy fun and not so modern/straight-edge
2. The price is great - $99.99
3. Its got the cool Moroccan feel to it.
4. It doesn't look cheap (I haven't seen it in person though)

What do you think? Apartment Therapy thinks it may be a little overdone - I personally think it fantastic.


  1. Shut. The. Door. That is from Ikea? I would take a can of laquer spray paint and do it up in a pop of color like orange or bright pink! Love it.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. I think I'm lovin' it :] We'll see tomorrow on my (seemingly weekly) trip to Ikea to get shelving for my office

  3. Not so sure. I generally hate spindles and love Ikea for its clean lined modern things. I'm headed there today, so I will report back.

  4. Please do tell me what you think! I know, I love Ikea for its modern elements - since that isn't my favorite look - I'd rather spend ikea prices than DWR prices for that element.

  5. My report-truly terrible in person-flimsy, metal removable tray is ugly and cheap looking, looks like it belongs in a kid's room. I love Ikea, but not this. Seriously over designed.

  6. Oh no!! Ha Ha!!! You are making me want to delete this post! Thanks for the update.


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