Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anthropologie Hot Picks

You know I love a good "Hot Picks" blog entry. So, I've headed over to to pick some of my faves. Let me know what you think - or if you have some other favorites of theirs to share. I've seen this lamp in the store - and it's pretty stunning. The finial on top has gold flower detailing that match the base. It's so rich.
Kitschy, fun, cute!

This table cloth makes me want to have a fiesta with lots of cervesa!

These "latte bowls" are what I have in my kitchen (in white) and I love them. They are the perfect size.
Isn't this a great showstopper!
I have brackets from here that are gorgeous and similar to these that I had up in an old apartment that held up 3 glass shelves. I am still debating on where to put them in my new place. These brackets also are good for hanging plants.
I love their 'Fleur de lys" cups. I have very similar ones from Pier 1. I love how girly and feminine they are.

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  1. Love Anthropologie and the first lamp is stunning.


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