Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Want A Parson's Desk

I love Parson's tables. Especially for an entry way piece. I do like what I currently have in my foyer, its a gold table with neat animal paw feet. But, I always wish that I could have a clean-lined Parsons desk instead. interior designer: Mark Lund
image via Domino.

Image via Domino Magazine
image via Apartment Therapy.

West Elm
West Elm
www.walmart.com $49.99 - if anyone knows anything about this table, please do let me know what the quality of it is... I mean, it is Wal-Mart and it is less than fifty bucks - so the odds are against it. But its super clean looking.... Hmmm....


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  1. Oh! This makes me want to redesign my 'office' that I currently share with a guestbed. ;)


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