Monday, September 21, 2009

From the Personal File...

I have no clue where I found this picture to source it, but WOW! I am in love.
1. The color combination is sick.
2. That rug is so cool.
3. The vintage glass canisters are stunning.
4. That wall color and how it matches the sofa
5. The gold accents.
6. The glass lamp

I am just smitten by this glamorous room! Enjoy! (and if you know who designed it -- that would be awesome!)


  1. Your personal file is FILLED with amazing rooms! I'm constantly blown away!

  2. Why thank you! If only they were REALLY my rooms! Ha ha!!!

  3. This is totally Glam.

    I am thinking the owner of this place knows how to have fun! Those Vintage Cannisters had to be the inspiration for this room..

  4. It's from Elle Decor. I have the same image saved somewhere in my files. :)


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