Monday, October 12, 2009

My Foyer

This would be Mr. Lincoln! He is so handsome!
I'm trying to get more pics of my apartment up. This is my entry way so far. But I feel like it needs something. Maybe a rug, or the accessories need to be moved around a little bit... I am not sure....
- I purchased the elephant garden stool and the mirror at my favorite vintage shop in Long Beach. They both are sooo heavy, I have no clue how I got it up the staircase!
- The table is from Pier One, but now that I look at the picture of the space, I really wish it were a parsons desk. But, this sofa table was $30 bucks, and for my budget, this seemed to be my best option.
- As for the accessories: The vase is from Z-Gallerie from about 4 years ago. Then, my good-luck-buddhas "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" I got at an Antique Mall right outside of Long Beach - Ola's. They were $20 bucks for the set, and then 30% off. Such a deal, and I just adore these guys. Every time I look at them, I smile!

Anyway, Please do let me know if you have any suggestions. I'd love some input


  1. There is too much going on and too little going on at the same time. A rug would help. If you want to keep the mirror, I'd get a larger fabulous credenza (black?) or one of those Swedish tables from Wisteria. Place the elephant where he's really used, like next to a big chair or outside your front door.

  2. PS I would reposition the little green fellows and the vase. You have them lined up like soldiers. Have you thought of turning the mirror to a vertical position? Perhaps then it would be better balanced with the table you have now.
    And I'd keep Mr. Lincoln. He's a cutie.
    I find it really helpful to study a photo.

  3. I realllly want a parsons desk! It needs something chunky - but not in the budget right now. I will definitely reposition the accessories though!! Thanks for the input!

  4. I love Lincoln! I have a cocker growing up so they hold a special little place in my heart :]

    Oh and a rug would be perfection in your foyer. And maybe an unbrella stand like the Z Gallerie Marcello or something.


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