Monday, August 2, 2010

NY Elegant Fabrics

I am in New York for work purposes for a few days and of course, I am a little screwed up by the time change... hence the 1 AM blog posting... Anyway, my office is in the heart of the fashion district and there are some great fabric stores over there. So when I took a break today, I took a little stroll and fell in love... with N.Y. Elegant Fabrics. (222 West 40th St. New York 10018 t.212-302-4984)

This fabric above is all thick sequins of all different sizes. I want this for my bedroom as a pillow, but at $200 a yard - it's really out of my price range. BUT I sure fell in love.

Then above was this amazing wool fabric with gold threading throughout, and this picture doesn't give it justice.
There also was a large selection of Missoni fabrics. They all were priced in the $60-70 per yard range - which I didn't think seemed that crazy.

Also.... please excuse the crappy blackberry imagers.


  1. I would go find a vintage sequined, spangled dress or hat and make a pillow out of it.


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