Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hiii-ya! Karate chopping pillows? Do or Don't?

I have no idea how I feel about the whole karate chopped pillow. How did that get started? Who decide to start arm fighting with a pillow to make a crease at the top. Anyway - do you like, or do you prefer to eep your pillow soft without the structure. Opinion please?

image via Lonny mag


  1. I'll be honest they really bug the hell out of me, looks like they have ears.

  2. Heck no! I hate it - I don't want my pillows to look like Pikachu. I don't want them to look crisp and stiff and like I don't want people to touch them or snuggle them - I want my pillows soft and fluffy and *inviting*.

  3. It annoys me to no end. I actually feel badly for some bloggers who post pictures of their homes and every single pillow has been chopped.

  4. I just had to google Pikachu! You guys are funny! LOL

  5. i feel like we are opposites because i work in the interior design industry and love fashion!!! from what i hear, the pillows are karate chopped in order to prove they are made of down and not out of some crappy cotton. crappy cotton pillows from ikea won't do that.



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