Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From the personal file.... Turquoise Pairing Love!

Absolutely, beyond belief love this.**  That fabric is amazing.
Designed by: Vanessa De Vargas

** However if I do see one more "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign - I may scream....


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  2. Ive been toiling ova drapes for a while now (I know what man does that...Im all encompassing). But these drapes are making me reconsider what I dod not want...a two fabric window treatment. This one is certainly nice.


  3. I actually think that the single drape feels very "off". Would it look better if it were on the other side of the window? Hm...

    And ditto on the KCACO poster. barf-town.

  4. HA! I didn't even notice the single drape, i was sooo into the chairs. yes - agree, needs to be a double curtain.
    MR. GW - you crack me up - ALL guys debate the curtains!! And yeah - i do like the two fabric curtain. I just think you gotta be really particular on the two that you choose!! You are fab - you will nail it!

  5. i love the fabric on the chairs. and I have a keep calm wall decal in my office :/ i figured it was a different way to not be so cliche..i hope we can still be friends


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