Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love a happy ending

I think of rooms as stories.  For many of us - we move into homes and apartments that need updating, lots of paint and umph! Here is a living room - that is the quintessential vintage home (it looks like this could be LA -- my apartment had the exact same feel) It needs lots of paint, and fab furnishings, and a spectacular layout.  This home mixes high and low price points with vintage finds and I absolutely adore it!

Grabbed these pics over at Bazaar of Serendipity!

Isn't the redo just absolutely amazing!! I just love this entire look and wouldn't change a single thing!!  See... you gotta love a happy ending!


  1. That is an amazing transformation! The new space is comfy and pretty, I want it for my home!

  2. same here!! love everything about it!


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