Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 Upholstered Headboards, 3 Different Ways

I am a huge fan of the upholstered headboard.  
So - check out these three stunners, all different spins on fabulousness!

I am really into kelly green and white.  Such a gorgeous combo. Obviously I am jocking that bamboo side table - but in general I love this preppy vibe with the matching kelly green bed skirt.  
Chic + Happy + Prepster =  Loving it!

Love this bedroom from Lonny.  The printed headboard paired with the beautiful draperies and purple lamps is truly a stunner.  I loooove this whole look, its really put together well!

This bedroom was designed by Suzanne Kasler - chic, gorgeous, lovely, soft, dreamy!


  1. I recently had two upholstered headboards made for a guest room and LOVE them. Now I want to get rid of my bed (which cost me a fortune) and have an upholstered one made for ME! what's a gal to do...?

    and, lordy, those cowhide pillows...


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