Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage lighting - A definite MUST!

I am a HUGE FAN of vintage lighting. I think its such a better way to go. It may take a little more effort - but the results are unreal!! The quality is insane and so much more special. You may need to re-wire and do a bit of cleaning - But, so worth it.
Ebay... Etsy... Craigslist have so many great options - its crazy!!

Here are a few things from my home, as well as a few things I've found along the way.

Do you have any vintage lighting pieces in your home?
This lamp is in my living room. BIG fan of the wheat stack thing. I found this lamp at a vintage furniture shop in Los Feliz on a shopping trip with my best friend, Christine. P.S. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area, you really should take a shopping trip to Los Feliz - they have awesome vintage furniture stores all within a 10 block radius scattered about on one street. Amazing selection and amazing prices!
This swag chandelier hangs in my bedroom. I got it at a junk shop in Crenshaw -- the owner of the shop had no idea how cool it was and was giving it away for $30. It took 2 days to clean all the dust - but it's so Jere. I just love it!

These lamps have been up on my blog a few times, but yes - vintage, or actually they could possibly be antique. These belonged to my grandmother. They were in her attic and last year she mailed them to me for my birthday. I re-wired them and they are my absolute favorite pieces in my home.

via Ebay - HERE. This would be awesome spray painted.

via Ebay - HERE
via Ebay - HERE. Chic

via Etsy - HERE This is so tongue-in-cheek kitsch!
Be'it Teshuva Thrift Store - Culver City, CA

These lamps are from an amazing boutique in Long Beach, CA

These lamps are from Warehouse 1133 in Long Beach
(my current favorite shopping spot in Long Beach)

I have been in love with these lamps forever!!
Aren't they awesome? Also from Warehouse 1133 in Long Beach, CA

Also from Warehouse 1133


  1. I love the lights. Where is the place in Long Beach? I live in Manhattan Beach and would love to check some of these places out. My friend took me to a few shops down there but haven't heard of that place. If you don't mind will you email me at


  2. lets plan a day to go out there! ive never ventured out to los feliz!

  3. love the chandelier in your bedroom! great find, thanks for posting all these vintage beauties!

  4. that bedroom piece is killing me, I tell you. love it...


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