Sunday, January 30, 2011

1 Day and A Serious Make Over

A makeover in one day is seriously impressive.   Check out the One-Day challenge interior designers Pat Healing an Dan Barsanti took on for House Beautiful to make over the living room belonging to Cari Hynes, a homeowner in Westport, Connecticut.    
 Here (above) is what she started with - a narrow room with lots of windows, hardwood floors, and basic pieces. 

 After seeing this rug come down - I knew this space was going to be fanstastic.  I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A ROUND ONE OF THESE FOR MY DINING ROOM!!!!  Any suggestions of how to make one - and I'll love you for ever!! :-)
 Loving te layering already and the hits are chartreuse and purple coming through.  This room is going to have mad character. 
 Isn't the final outcome simply BANANAS!?  I think it really came out beautiful!   
If only I could complete a project in 1 day! 
All images via House Beautiful


  1. For the round tie-dye carpet you could just tie-dye a cotton drop cloth at home depot. Then find the middle by folding the fabric in half and then half again. Then tie some string to a pencil and the other end can be pinned to the middle of the cloth. Use this as a compass to make your circle. Then cut. If you want finished edges you could sew the edge with bias tape (found at a sewing shop like Joannes). The dye can also be found at any grocery store, Joannes, or Michael's. Good luck!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Sorry, I meant a cotton drop cloth found at home depot.

  3. This is incredible...I am a sucker for tie dye and I REALLY want to know where they got the purple graphic painting above the couch and the blue+white chevron arm chair. I WANT both pieces for my place. This is kinda my dream room...I'm obsessed with geometric/graphic anything and blues and purples. I want to live in this room. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks GH - I definitely will have to look into that!! It's just insane - that rug!! And I'd loooove to have something like it for my dining room.


  5. Wow! That's so crazy, a 1 day make over? The area rug brings so much character to the room and contrasts great with the beautiful flooring. Also love the purple accents, I would've NEVER thought about those colors working, but they do! Thanks for sharing :)


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