Thursday, February 24, 2011

A craigslist round up

Over the past several months - Craigslist in Los Angeles has kind of blown...  I rarely ever check things out because I've been sort of disappointed lately.  But - today I've found a few things that are kind of cool and made me do a little double take. 

How has Craigslist been for you?  Anything absolutely amazing that you have found?  

These are kids sized chairs - but aren't they darling.  $100 for pair, available HERE
This is a little different - fun and funky!  But, that's what shopping on CL is all about.  Check it out HERE.  It can be sold as a pair or separate.

Clean lined coffee table and matching end table $100 (I'm not a huge fan of the matchy-matchy, but you can split this up into different rooms) I love this.  Available HERE 
Available in Redondo beach $55 Here


  1. My area never has anything good! I'm always envious of what other people find!
    Sorry about the let down of the Tory Burch site, I actually manage a designer shoe boutique, and I would hate for anyone to get stuck with a dud!
    To get the best deals on her shoes you can sign up for emails on her website, and you will be invited to her private sales!

  2. You've found some great things! I love that glass coffee table!

    Lately I've been looking in the Beverly Hills area, seems to some good quality, non-sketchy stuff.

  3. I live in bev hills... i haven't been finding anything at all - I've been just vintage shopping in long beach...

  4. Love those chairs and coffee table. i would totally buy them!! My Craigslist has been the pits!!

  5. I've been on CL constantly in search of a 2 tier glass coffee table and nothing but junk! Grrr.....


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