Friday, February 25, 2011

Pinterest: My favorite pins of the week!!

I don't know about you, but I am a HUGE Pinterest fan.  

Here are my favorite 10 pins of the week (in no specific order).

What a great way to store your long, dangling necklaces so that they won't tangle and you can easily find them.  Image via Country Living

I don't have an iphone (yet) - I just recently crossed over and got a Macbook pro - but I sooo love this iphone case.  Awesome.  Available on Etsy

Gouda melted sauce - this looks insane!!  Check out the recipe HERE

These lace inspired envelopes are absolutely gorgeous!  Image via HERE

Madison Harding Casey platform wedges available at Shopbop

Love this idea.

The ikat print wall coverings, combined with the straigh tlines of the desk, and the whole look of the entire room in general is just amazing!!  Designed by Sara Gilbane

These velvet backed note cards are just gorgeous and so sweet.                                                                                                                   Available at Burke Decor designed by Velvet Raptor

The ombre effect of this floral arrangement is just stunning.
image via
Vintage Rose Garden

This pair of benches could be my favorite pin of the week.  How gorgeous are these - I really want to duplicate this some how for my own home!  Image via Good Bones Great Pieces


  1. I love the benches and the necklace hanger!! Great images.

  2. Now I understand your question a couple of weeks back about bringing the ombre effect to floral arrangements - those roses are fabulous! I guess I've been in the dark ages as I haven't checked out Pinterest yet so I'm off to do so now. Have a great weekend, Hallie!

  3. Great pins...think I will have add a few! Aren't you just addicted to that site?

  4. Obsessed! It's my favorite thing about surfing the web now!

  5. Love those flowers! Your blog is so wonderful Hallie! So excited for you!

  6. The ikat room was designed by Katie Ridder


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