Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Personal Issue with Color...

So - I have an issue with color. Its more of an indecisive-ness. I have a fear that I'll pick a color and get sick of it, and not like it anymore. You have no idea how many pillows I have purchased and returned due to being fickle on the color. It's nuts. Right now my living room has a khaki color sofa and love seat (the sofa below is from Restoration Hardware and pretty much identical to what I have).
Then, I have a gold coffee wheat stack coffee table, gold nesting tables, and a teak black credenza for my television.

I also have a Chippendale-bamboo mirror (my camera is acting nutty, so I will have more pics up soon.) So - the basics, I have. But its the next layer that needs work. The color layer!!!
I have a few inspiring ideas....The first one I found in a blog posting from that dates back to June 2nd 2006 and I absolutely loved it, and I think this could go well back to my khaki sofa. It also is still very current and has elements that I love very much, like the geometric pattern and the ikat pattern.

- Manuel Canovas Trellis Wallapaper (top right) in Citrine Love the geometric shape to it!
- Osbourne and Little's Lorca Venus Pattern in Soline (purple in center)
- Lee Jofa's Groundworks Coggenshall solid in Lime (bottom left).
- Scalamandres' Colony Collection fabric in Laguna (bottom right) Love this ikat feel.
- Old World Weavers Le Fluers De Morphe fabric in Daffodil (top left) makes all of these fabrics work so well together

The next idea, which I think is going to be an easier inspiration/jumping off point is this living room belonging to Emily Walker, and was featured in Canadian House & Home Magazine. I love the basic backdrop of the khaki sofa, and then the tribal fabric hung above it - which announces the accent colors of the room. And of course, any room with a garden stool will definitely make me happy.

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