Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mixing and Matching - Done Right!!!

This seating area was designed by Palmer Weiss, and I love the Boho-casualness of the room, while still feeling rich and luxe. Ilove how this room has 2 fabrics that ompletely don't match yet come together so nicely.


  1. I love Palmer Weiss' work!! I was just drooling over one of her dining rooms earlier this week! I agree with you, the fabrics surprisingly work well together. Notice they don't even conflict with the third fabric in the drapery behind? Now that is talent!!

  2. I know! I am working on a project now that is suzani/boho-glam inspired... I am in love with it!

  3. Love that room as well, but it's actually Carla Lane.

    I posted about her a couple of weeks ago and the lucky lady that actually lives in that home emailed me to tell me it was her's!


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