Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mixing modern with classic.

I think it looks kind of cool to mix modern pieces with vintage. It seems to make things a little bit more interesting. I read somewhere that if you do like a lot of vintage and antique styles its a good idea to do 30/70. 30% should be new and current, and then 70% can be vintage, or antiques.

So - I feel like the easiest way to do this mixing of styles would be in a dining room. Pick an antique style table and then do modern chairs (or vice-versa). Here are some ideas for the vintage-y table with modern seating.

So - you pick a table like these....

And then, choose a fun chair like these:

Advanced Interior Designs

Above - Ikea "Bojne"

Above - Advanced Interior Designs

**All tables are images from the Los Angeles Craigslist

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  1. I love this mixture of styles, especially the 3rd picture. It looks so warm & inviting!


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