Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vintage Bamboo furniture is my weakness.

I have 4 weaknesses when it comes to design:
1. Gold/brass 
2. Kooky ceramic animals
3. Campaign furniture
4. Vintage bamboo furniture. 

Do you have any trend or style that you ALWAYS go back to?

Now how gorgeous is this chocolate, ivory and purple dining room???  

And here are a two of my weaknesses in my own home:

1. This is one of my vintage Drexel dining room chairs.  

2. Here is my vintage bamboo mirror (from an estate sale) with my campaign furniture.  
(PS. The room has now been painted!)


  1. ugh that set is amazing.
    i am always searching for some chairs!

  2. Your furniture is gorgeous. What color did you paint did you use?

  3. Thank you!! For the walls.... I ended up doing a medium charcoal, but I am not exactly sure of the color because I ended up tweaking it like crazy at home depot!

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