Saturday, October 30, 2010

From the personal file...Moroccan love

I just love this Moroccan wedding blanket inspired pouf from ABCHome.  Isn't it fantastic?  I am such a sucker for that boho-glam thing.  Brilliant. - $295


  1. Great find. I want this one for the lux camping tents I have at my husband's resort. Cleint's would appreciate it, chique berber.

    Thank you for the find;)

  2. Oh my! That would be amazzzing!! I want to come!!! That would be so chic!

  3. GL: When we are done renovating them, I will send you pics. And if you ever visit my country, lol, for a vacation, I will tell my husband I went to school with you (since I love your blog) and try to get you our best package (the luxe one) for the backpacker rate. It is easy to trick my husband since he thinks all us West Coast California girls must know eachother.


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